School of Education (Early Childhood Development)


The Program of Teacher Education (TE) aims to be an outstanding and dynamic research informed and research active provider of teacher education courses serving the needs of student teachers, practicing professionals, education leaders and partners locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in the fields of education and health professionals.


The mission of the Program of Teacher Education is to develop professional educators intellectually competent, knowledgeable in content and pedagogy, with critical analytic and problem-solving abilities and compassionate, prepared to imaginatively and reflectively provide high quality instruction and create environments that are transformative for all children in schools in the Republic of Liberia. Teachers trained at HARCO will:

• Embrace diverse perspectives and new ideas, with a socio-centric outlook, demonstrating capacities to think critically,

• Empower learners to high levels of academic achievement and with a sense of hope that they can become highly successful performers and contributors in areas of personal and national development.

• Explore widely through the use of reading and writing abilities, use of media and contemporary technology and the use of varied research knowledge and competencies.

• Enact varied responsive, imaginative pedagogical approaches to support all learners to develop their academic abilities and potentialities by drawing on the strength of the learners’ diverse sociocultural and linguistic experiences, exceptionalities, multiple intelligences and learning styles and provide high level positive psychosocial and emotionally supportive experiences to children and young people, their families and communities and the nation.

• Exhibit reflective practice, enthusiasm, integrity, and commitment to ethical behaviors and leadership skills-transferrable to professional and everyday life encounters.


Specific abilities identified by the faculty as central to educating future teachers and guidance counselors are:

• Critical Inquiry

• Application and critique of socio-political-cultural perspectives

• Concern for diversity and social justice

• Problem-solving

• Application of knowledge and abilities in and across different contexts

• Communication

• Social interaction

• Curriculum/Program planning

• Effective citizenship and professionalism


The Program of Teacher Education offers four programs leading to Bachelor of Science degrees and Ministry of Education (MOE) teaching certification in Early Childhood Development; Primary Education; Middle & Secondary Education in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Mathematics, English and Literature and History; and Guidance Counseling. All programs offer candidates the opportunity to experience course work in pedagogy and in the content areas and practicum.

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