Liberian Studies is concerned with the Culture, tradition and history of the Liberian people. It also covers the behavioral patterns, creeds, linguistics, philosophy, medicine, laws and governance, architecture, socio-political structures, ancestral wisdom, arts and spirituality across ethnic groups in Liberia. Harbel College is the only institution of learning offering a degree in this field of studies.

What do Graduates of Liberian Studies Do?

Liberian Studies graduates develop cultural, traditional, historical, social, political leadership skills as well as provide education and administrative skills for national applications and entrepreneurship.

Graduates of Liberian Studies work as Liberian Studies Specialists, Counselors, Educators, Political Scientists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Sociologists, Law Enforcement Officers, Appointed or Elected Officers as well as functioning as the nation’s producers and transmitters of ideas and practices and also mediators.

A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberian Studies is offered through the School of Professional Studies.

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Specializations Requirements

Once Core course requirements the National Commission on Higher Education (52 credits) and Harbel College common courses (18 credits) have been met, students then complete the major (68 credits) by specializing in the area where the degree is sought: Read More

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