The Safety Engineering Program is designed to prepare individuals to become associated with scientific, managrerial, and supervisor activities in industry, as well as other business sectors. Individuals will develop both technical skills as well as safety management skills for industry applications and enterpreneurship.

What do Graduates of Occupational Safety and Health Do?

Occupational Safety and Health graduates apply scientific principles and methods for the control and modification of the work-place environment to achieve optimum protection for both people and property. They also administer safety programs and manage others in the facility in which they are employed.

Where do Occupational Safety and Health Graduates Work?

Graduates of occupational safety and Health work in numerous industries and hold titles such as safety engineers, safety managers, mining safety engineers, and various related titles in multiple areas of industry. Some are also employed by government agencies.

What Degree in Occupational Safety and Health is Offered at Harbel College

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Safety and Health is offered through the School of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Why Should I Attend Harbel College?

Excellent Program – Providing for learning experiences to develop competencies in several areas such as: Awareness of sociological and psychological principles which are essential in working with, motivating and supervising people, application and implementation of safety principles and practices, and development of scientific and technical skills necessary to identify as well as correct occupational safety and health hazards. Excellent Laboratories – Laboratories provide students with the latest equipment and learning systems to perform experiments, practice techniques and procedures. These equipment will effectively facilitate the transition from laboratory to industry. Outstanding Faculty – Faculty members are experts in their respective areas. Class Size – Class sizes are small to allow for effective interaction between students and professors.

1. General Education Requirements 52 Credit By National Commissioner on Higher and Harbel College common courses (18 credits)

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